Carnegie Public Library of Steuben County

Expansion and Remodeling Project

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Project designed by:

 Morrison Kattman Menze Inc.

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We will be adding photos of the project as it unfolds.  Click on the photo for a larger image.


May 5, 2003  The first day, before any demolition began.

May 6, 2003   The trees north of the building had to be removed. 

Dcp_0004May7.jpg (317716 bytes)

May 7, 2003    On a very cloudy day, the pavement in the parking lot is removed.

wpe2.jpg (32410 bytes)

wpe6.jpg (31557 bytes)

wpe19.jpg (22506 bytes)

And demolition begins inside.  This is the former adult area.

wpe24.jpg (43902 bytes)

wpe1C.jpg (15766 bytes)

This is the former children's area.

wpe26.jpg (35394 bytes)

Looking from the children's area toward the adult area.  There used to be a staff lounge and offices here.

wpe28.jpg (38032 bytes)

That's a Bobcat... in the foyer.

wpe2F.jpg (35825 bytes)

May 22, 2003   As demolition continues, the foyer is removed, exposing the front of the Carnegie part of the building.

wpe20.jpg (37379 bytes) wpe22.jpg (32781 bytes)

DCP_0024.JPG (306693 bytes)

July 2003  The basement excavation has begun.  The metal sheeting will keep the foundation of the Carnegie Building from shifting.

DCP_0025.JPG (328945 bytes)

DCP_0027.JPG (307639 bytes)

Footings have been poured for the basement walls.

DCP_0028.JPG (326922 bytes)

Rainwater in the excavation has been a constant problem.

DCP_0029.JPG (314534 bytes)

More water.

Aug0001.JPG (316872 bytes)

Aug. 2003  Forms used to pour basement wall.

Aug0002.JPG (312822 bytes)

Aug0003.JPG (300514 bytes)

Aug0004.JPG (308640 bytes)

Aug0005.JPG (308070 bytes)

Aug0008.JPG (320062 bytes)

Aug. 2003  Our first basement walls!

Aug0009.JPG (307363 bytes)

Aug0006.JPG (335214 bytes)

Aug0011.JPG (313509 bytes)

Aug. 2003  Framing begins for the walls of the new meeting room. 

Aug0010.JPG (314815 bytes)

903basement.JPG (289007 bytes)   903basemt.JPG (312847 bytes)

Sept. 2003  Forms in place as the north wall of the basement is poured.

 903Carndoor.JPG (313400 bytes)

The front of the Carnegie building.

903eastend.JPG (306031 bytes)

Walls are already poured on the east end.

1003firsttrus.JPG (309019 bytes)   1003cran.JPG (309259 bytes)

Oct. 30, 2003  The first roof truss is set in place!

1003south.JPG (311025 bytes)   1003brick.JPG (308781 bytes)

New brick completed on the south side of the building and continuing around the 1988 addition.  

1003north.JPG (316560 bytes)

The north side of the new addition.  The 2 large windows will be on either side of the fireplace.

1103DCP_0014.JPG (312865 bytes)   1103DCP_0015.JPG (296067 bytes)

Nov. 4, 2003  Roof trusses continue to go up.

 1103DCP_0016.JPG (304098 bytes)

This will be the reading area with the fireplace.

1113DCP_0001.JPG (316398 bytes)  1113DCP_0002.JPG (307905 bytes)

Nov. 13, 2003   The masonry is nearly completed on the north side of the addition.  The white squares will be light fixtures.

1113DCP_0003.JPG (308196 bytes)

The west side of the building.

1203DCP_0007.JPG (304245 bytes)  1203DCP_0008.JPG (314210 bytes)

Dec. 3, 2003  The inside of the addition.

1203DCP_0009.JPG (308633 bytes)  1203DCP_0010.JPG (310371 bytes)

1203DCP_0011.JPG (280482 bytes)  

The elevator shaft.

1203DCP_0012.JPG (289956 bytes)  1203DCP_0013.JPG (279943 bytes)

The west side of the addition.

1203DCP_0019.JPG (316688 bytes)

View from the east.

1217DCP_0001.JPG (134751 bytes)   1217DCP_0002.JPG (307967 bytes)

Dec. 17, 2003  Interior views of the addition, including the fireplace.

012804DCP_0005.JPG (310489 bytes)   012804DCP_0003.JPG (328534 bytes)

Jan. 28, 2004  The west side of the addition which will be the new main entrance on Elizabeth Street.

012804DCP_0007.JPG (285145 bytes)    012804DCP_0009.JPG (311054 bytes)

The east side of the building on South Wayne Street.

feb04DCP_0010.JPG (324948 bytes)  feb04DCP_0014.JPG (320873 bytes)

Feb. 18, 2004  The reading room and fireplace.  The green styrofoam will be replaced with blue art glass.

feb04DCP_0020.JPG (314520 bytes)  feb04DCP_0013.JPG (326084 bytes)

The adult services area.

feb04DCP_0016.JPG (327208 bytes)  feb04DCP_0011.JPG (108387 bytes)

The circulation desk area and offices.

 feb04DCP_0022.JPG (324765 bytes)   feb04DCP_0019.JPG (117943 bytes)

The meeting room and the north face of the Carnegie building.

318DCP_0003.JPG (89310 bytes)  318DCP_0012.JPG (84879 bytes)

March 18, 2004  The area behind and around the circulation desk.

318DCP_0009.JPG (89335 bytes)  318DCP_0007.JPG (110861 bytes)

The railings around the original Carnegie building.

318DCP_0004.JPG (107441 bytes)    

The fireplace room.

318DCP_0005.JPG (323320 bytes)  318DCP_0006.JPG (328051 bytes)

This is the ceiling of the fireplace room and the freshly stained ceiling slats.

318DCP_0010.JPG (329159 bytes)  318DCP_0011.JPG (326741 bytes)

The new children's area just as they are preparing to paint.

331DCP_0016.JPG (324459 bytes)  331DCP_0017.JPG (316314 bytes)

March 31, 2004  The finished fireplace room ceiling.  The window trim is also installed.

331DCP_0014.JPG (322639 bytes)  331DCP_0025.JPG (323917 bytes)

The columns in the children's area have new shelves built around them for display.

331DCP_0018.JPG (323118 bytes)  331DCP_0019.JPG (329603 bytes)

More painting and wood trim completed.

331DCP_0020.JPG (306746 bytes)  331DCP_0021.JPG (327504 bytes)

Main entrance and foyer.  

331DCP_0022.JPG (320116 bytes)  331DCP_0023.JPG (322455 bytes)

Meeting room kitchen and staff lounge.

331DCP_0024.JPG (318003 bytes)  

The staff lockers are installed.

331DCP_0026.JPG (317538 bytes)

The repainted entrance to the Carnegie building.  

331DCP_0027.JPG (294237 bytes)  331DCP_0028.JPG (308058 bytes)  

The still-in-progress technical processing and server rooms.

331DCP_0030.JPG (327250 bytes)  331DCP_0032.JPG (322965 bytes)

The main circulation area and staff workroom.

406DCP_0013.JPG (330282 bytes)  406DCP_0015.JPG (322244 bytes)

April 6, 2004  The Children's Services desk.

406DCP_0016.JPG (312943 bytes)


428DCP_0006.JPG (324423 bytes)  428DCP_0007.JPG (313793 bytes)

April 28, 2004  The adult services and circulation areas.  Carpet installation and painting are nearly done.  

428DCP_0012.JPG (334288 bytes)  428DCP_00131.jpg (120461 bytes)

The circulation area viewed from the 2nd floor elevator landing.

428DCP_0014.JPG (324048 bytes)

The reference room in the Carnegie building is awaiting paint and carpet.

512DCP_0003.JPG (319064 bytes)  512DCP_0004.JPG (279641 bytes)

May 12, 2004  The parking lot is graded and awaits asphalt.

512DCP_0009.JPG (315862 bytes)  512DCP_0010.JPG (315337 bytes)

Shelving is being installed in the Children's Dept.

512DCP_0011.JPG (311898 bytes)    512DCP_0013.JPG (320888 bytes)

Chairs have been delivered and the fireplace insert is installed.

512DCP_0012.JPG (326949 bytes)

Shelving in the Adult Service Dept.

512DCP_0007.JPG (329286 bytes)  

Plumbing fixtures are installed.

526IMG_0022.JPG (319924 bytes)  526IMG_0033.JPG (338413 bytes)

May 26, 2004  Light fixtures in Reference Dept. in the original Carnegie building.

526IMG_0026.JPG (419240 bytes)  526IMG_0027.JPG (766249 bytes)

Shelving and furniture in the Children's Dept.

526IMG_0028.JPG (785124 bytes)

Oak shelving being installed in the fireplace reading room.

526IMG_0030.JPG (773632 bytes)  526IMG_0031.JPG (813756 bytes)

The new reference desk.

526IMG_0034.JPG (751518 bytes)

Circulation area.

0604IMG_0044.JPG (973256 bytes)  0604IMG_0045.JPG (813802 bytes)

The library staff spent most of the month of June 2004 moving back into the expanded library.  First, we started packing books at the temporary location.

0604IMG_0046.JPG (595225 bytes)  0604IMG_0047.JPG (559256 bytes)

Then we tear down and move the shelves to unpack books at the new library. 

0604IMG_0050.JPG (527968 bytes)  0604IMG_0051.JPG (424481 bytes)

0604IMG_0053.JPG (1001761 bytes)  0604IMG_0056.JPG (786470 bytes)

 Since the elevator was unfinished, we moved books to the upper level with a conveyor on the stairs.

0604IMG_0060.JPG (845831 bytes)  0604IMG_0061.JPG (835737 bytes)

We worked in a sea of boxes while shelving was rebuilt.

0604IMG_0062.JPG (842025 bytes)  0604IMG_0063.JPG (810942 bytes)


0604IMG_0066.JPG (873934 bytes)  0604IMG_0067.JPG (887360 bytes)

0604IMG_0070.JPG (1009207 bytes)

One day, Margaret grilled hot dogs in the parking lot.  Notice the creative use of the book cart.

0704IMG_0082.JPG (818148 bytes)  0704IMG_0080.JPG (909353 bytes)

Finally! Opening day, July 2, 2004.  The Children's Dept. bravely scheduled a storytime for the very first day we were open.

0704IMG_0081.JPG (705344 bytes)  


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