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August 13, 2001 - Library board forms a development committee to begin looking at long-range plans, including expansion of service into unserved townships and building expansion.  Committee members are Brad Moore, Diana Roe, Gary Taylor, and Sonya Dintaman.  Because of the rapid growth of the Angola area, it was clear that a larger library building was needed.  The library district's population increased 25% during the period 1990-2000.


January 7, 2002 - The development committee heard a proposal from Steve Park and Molly O'Connor from Moake Park Group, an architectural firm from Fort Wayne. 


January 23, 2002 - The development committee heard a proposal from George Morrison from Morrison Kattman Menze, Inc. of Fort Wayne.


February 5, 2002 - Brad Moore, Gary Taylor, Mavis Sutton Moody and Sonya Dintaman visited the Peabody Public Library in Columbia City and the Napanee Public Library.  The Peabody is a completely new building and the Napanee is an addition onto a Carnegie building.  Both were designed by George Morrison. 


February 11, 2002 - The library board voted to hire Morrison Kattman Menze, Inc. as the library's architectural consultant for the building expansion. 


March 11, 2002 - George Morrison attended the library board meeting.  He explained that he would proceed by meeting with staff members to begin to assess the needs of the library as well as growth patterns. 


March 28, 2002 - George Morrison met with a large group of staff members representing all departments of the library.  The group worked through a space matrix and discussed needs.  Items mentioned included the need for a full-service elevator, a single entrance and exit, lighting and acoustics improvements, display space, storage space, an improved young adult area, a better system for displaying art prints, and the need for more space for books in all departments. 


May 3, 2002 - George Morrison met with staff and brought a rough floor plan.  Staff members offered comments.


June 4, 2002 - George Morrison brought 3 floor plans for staff comment.  It was decided that option #2 offered the most benefit.  This will be the plan that we continue to develop.  To see this preliminary floor plan, click here.  The plan includes a partially unfinished basement under the addition for future expansion.  The historic Carnegie building will remain, although it will be completely surrounded by the new portions of the building.  Mr. Morrison plans to open up the area in front of the Carnegie doorway to better showcase the arched doorway and stained glass windows.  


June 10, 2002 - Several people involved with the project addressed the board at the regular board meeting.  George Morrison introduced the preliminary floor plan to the board.  Todd Samuelson of H. J. Umbaugh & Associates presented information on the financing of the project.  Kurt Bachman attended as bond counsel.  Since the bond for the 1987 addition will be paid off next year, the impact of the new project on the tax rate would be $.0176 per $100 of assessed value over 20 year.  For a $100,000 property, this would add $12.31 to the annual property tax.  


The library board set Tuesday, July 9, 2002 at 4:00 p.m. for a public hearing to receive public input on the proposed plan and issuance of bonds.  The library board's regular meeting will follow the public hearing.  The library board's regular meeting scheduled for July 8 is cancelled.  


Preliminary cost breakdown:

Construction - renovation  $   506,000
Construction - new addition    1,743,000
Construction contingency       337,350
Furnishings         98,100
Technology       117,720
Architectural       228,178
Bond counsel, local legal, financial advisory, printing         63,402
Underwriters discount         31,250
Total $  3,125,000              (revised 7/9/2002)


July 9, 2002 - The board of trustees conducted a public hearing on the topic of issuing bonds for the proposed expansion.  Architect George Morrison introduced a more complete floor plan which included book shelves and furniture.  This is available at the library; please ask at the main desk to see the plans.  Mr. Morrison also updated the projected costs which are in the above listing.  Todd Samuelson of H.J. Umbaugh & Associates presented information on the bonds that reflected the new cost estimates.  The approximate increase in cost to taxpayers will be $14.00 per $100,000 of property value.  For instance, a $200,000 home would see an increase of $28.00 per year in property taxes.  At this point, Board president Gary Taylor opened the discussion to hear public opinion.  There were no patrons or community members present.  The Board of Trustees then voted to issue a preliminary determination to issue bonds.  This opened a 30 day period for taxpayers to file a petition with the county auditor to request a remonstrance.  


The Board then scheduled a special meeting on August 21 at noon to formally pass a bond resolution.  


August 12, 2002 - At the Board's regular meeting, Director Sonya Dintaman introduced a possible temporary location for the library during the construction project.  The Masonic building next to the Herald-Republican currently houses Sanborn's Sofas Plus and will be vacant sometime near the end of 2002.  The board voted to pursue discussion with the Masons toward leasing space for the library's temporary home.  


August 21, 2002 - The Board met in a special meeting and passed a resolution approving the sale of bonds to finance the project.  The next step will be a hearing in front of the Department of Local Government Finance in Indianapolis on Sept. 26th.  


September 26, 2002 - Sonya Dintaman, Gary Taylor, and Brad Moore appeared before the Dept. of Local Government Tax Control Board.  The Tax Control Board voted to recommend approval for the sale of $3.3 million in general obligation bonds.


October 7, 2002 - The Dept. of Local Government Finance issued official approval for the bond sale.  


December 3, 2002 - H.J. Umbaugh & Associates handled the bond sale.  The net interest rate is 4.6258%.  Architect George Morrison is working on the bid documents which should be ready for bidding by March 1, 2003 with groundbreaking later in the spring.


March 3, 2003 -  The bidding opened for construction of the expansion.  Bids will be opened at a public meeting on April 8.  The library's move to the Mason's building is tentatively set to begin on April 21.


April 14, 2003 - The library board chose Fetters Construction of Auburn for the expansion project.  Their bid of $2,607,000 was the lowest of the five bids received.  Construction is set to begin May 5th and take one year.  






  Preliminary Floor Plan


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