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Internet Tutorials

Are you new to the Internet?  The following links are to Internet tutorials that will guide you step-by-step into using the Internet effectively.  These tutorials will also point you toward useful sites and help you discover all that the 'Net has to offer.

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Basic Guides
Navigating the World Wide Web  This is a step-by-step guide for the beginner.

Learn the Net: An Internet Guide and Tutorial  The site is easy to navigate and has useful graphics.  Offers the following how-to pages: Use the Site,  Master the Basics,  Surf the Web,  Harness E-Mail,  Find Information,  Download Files,  Join Newsgroups,  Conference,  Enjoy Multimedia,  Build a Website,  Do E-Business,  Protect Yourself.   Features include Search the Web,  Free Greeting Cards, Translate It Online, e-Business Center, Today's Top Internet Stories, Build your own website, Test Your NetSmarts, The Web at a Glance, and The Animated Internet.

Land Grant Training Alliance - Online Lessons  This site offers lessons on a variety of software, including word processing, presentation graphics, spreadsheets and databases, and the Internet.

Wiredguide  Provides links to instruction sites, locations with answers to frequently asked questions, pages with daily tips, and more. Topics include downloading, e-mail, newsgroups, and security. 

Are the keyboard and mouse a challenge?  Try these helpful sites.
Mouse Tutorial  The mouse can take a while to get used to, so this site from the Northville District Library in Northville, Michigan, explains how it works and lets you practice too.

Mousercise  This is another site to practice using the mouse from the Central Kansas Library System.

Once you are comfortable navigating the Web, check out these tutorials on searching the Internet.
Bare Bones: A Very Basic Web Search Tutorial   "You can zip through these lessons in no time, any time. They are very short and succinct; each can be read in a few minutes. Feel free to jump in wherever you like, skip what you don't want to read, and come back whenever you need to. The information contained in the following lessons is truly bare bones, designed to get you started in the right direction with a minimum of time and effort."

Choose the Best Search Engine for Your Information Needs  This site offers a list of information needs, for instance, "I need a few good hits fast," or "I have a general popular or commercial topic and need to explore or focus it."  For each need, the site lists the best search engines to use and direct link to them.

Indepth Guides
Finding Information on the Internet: A Tutorial

Spanish Tutorials
Aprenda la Red

La Red Desenredada: Una Guía Introductoria al Internet
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